Sunday, February 2, 2014

Worth Watching

A few months back, Robin Wood blogged about a BBC series in which he was featured, called the"Tudor Monastery Farm".  It looked very interesting, but alas was not available in the US.   Since then, all of the episodes have appeared in full on Youtube.   There are 6 episodes each of the Tudor Monastery Farm, the Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, and Wartime Farm (notice a common theme here?).

Henry noted that the series is like a collection of our home videos (which is fairly accurate, especially the Victorian series), and seems to enjoy them as much as Rachel and I do.   We've learned quite a bit, and have been impressed with the detail that goes into each show as the historians recreate the practices of each period.  The progression of technology up through the industrial revolution (and especially before) is quite an eye opener, as are the differences with practices here in the US.  These will definitely be of interest to anyone with an interest in history, or the inkling that it might present a closer approximation of our post-oil future than Star Trek.

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Katzcradul said...

I was just re-watching an episode of Edwardian Farm last night...the one where they had to break into their extra, covered hay stash. It was so interesting.